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UK immigration

A dream country for many: one of the best places in the world to do business, study and work. Great Britain is the world center of science and culture, the Mecca of tourists and lovers of relaxation. The British kingdom attracts with developed healthcare, a high level of security, one of the oldest legal systems – the rights of immigrants, including property rights, will be protected. There are many opportunities for relocation: the country is waiting for qualified specialists, investors and innovators. In the UK, as in many countries, there is a “golden visa” – a residence permit program for investment. An investor visa, or Tier 1 , allows you to move with your family to Foggy Albion, investing from £2 million in the capital of British companies. The residence permit can be extended, and then – to apply for permanent residence. The key conditions are the preservation of investments and residence in the country for the main part of the year. It also operates several business immigr

Permanent residence in Canada for entrepreneurs under the program of British Columbia British Columbia Entrepreneur Immigration

Business in the province of British Columbia may be the basis for obtaining permanent residence in Canada. However, opening or acquiring a company does not in itself guarantee status. Those who wish have a long way to go, which begins with online registration and presentation of their business idea. Several times a year, the provincial administration selects the best projects. Preference is given to companies that can contribute the most to the economy and create jobs. Pay attention to the experience and education of candidates. Businessmen and their closest relatives will be able to become permanent residents of Canada only in a few years, if the company and they themselves fulfill all the conditions stipulated by the program.

Key points about the program

British Columbia, a province in western Canada, invites entrepreneurs with promising business ideas. The province has several programs for granting permanent residence to foreigners who are of interest to it (British Columbia Provincial Nominee Programs). They are governed by the British Columbia Act 2017 .

Business-based immigration is singled out as a separate “stream”. Within its framework, a multi-stage selection of candidates takes place. Only those who first rank among the best, and then go through all the formalities and build a sustainable business in the country, will be able to become permanent residents of Canada.

The first and main condition of the program is to offer an interesting idea to the selection committee. This is done at the stage of online registration. There are a number of requirements for candidates and their projects: have experience in owning or managing a company, have a personal capital of at least 600 thousand CAD, invest at least 200 thousand CAD, create new jobs. If these conditions are met, the application and its author will be evaluated in points. No more than 200 applications are considered per month, and the information is considered valid for six months: if the application is not considered within this period, it can be re-submitted.

The commission selects the candidates with the highest rating – they will be able to start or buy their own business in Canada. It will be possible to come to the country with a temporary work permit. Before the owner obtains permanent residence, the work of the company will be regularly checked. If the business meets the criteria outlined in the application, and the candidate and his family meet the requirements of the program, they will receive a certificate of nomination from the province. After that, the last check is to be done – in the Federal Immigration Service of Canada. If this is also successful, the applicant and his family will receive the status of permanent residents of Canada.

The documents

personal capital

Certificate of Inspection by a British Columbia Authorized Company
Statements from all bank accounts of the applicant and his spouse(s) for the last two years

Passports of the applicant and all family members applying for permanent residence
Marriage (divorce) certificate
Children’s birth certificates
Certificates of education of the applicant
Evidence of business ownership or management within the last ten years (Memorandum of Association, tax certificates, letters of recommendation, certificates of shareholding, company chart, product photos, promotional materials, business cards, etc.)
Language test results (if any)
Proof of study visits to British Columbia (if applicable)
Documents confirming previous experience of staying in Canada for the purposes of work, study or business (if any)
Per company

business plan
Supporting documents for the business plan (for franchises, agricultural companies, partnerships with local businessmen)

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